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Welcome to Bellingham Training & Tennis Club


Indoor RIDE Studio

Healthy Knees | Ride Class | Cycle Moles


FIVE Indoor Tennis Courts

Tennis Instruction | Tennis Competition


TWO Workout Rooms

Personal Training | Group Training | On-Own



Join the Club that cares about you and helps you get results.

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CLUB VISION:  Helping you achieve the fitness you want in the place that you love

CLUB MISSION:  To provide a top-notch team, facility, and community to help you flourish.


Build Confidence

We help you to feel vital and confident at any age; in the way you move, how you feel, what you learn, how you perform, and connecting with others.

Bring Care

We are professionals who honor personal responsibility, live with integrity, and create caring connections with each other and for you within our club community.

Always Improve

We are always striving to improve; in our facilities, knowledge, programs, and service so we continue to help you and ourselves to make meaningful improvements and become the best that we all can be.

Serve First

We give a warm welcome to all who enter and strive for excellence in customer service while keeping the well-being of the company at heart.

Enjoy Life!

We practice positive mental attitude and strive to be the best part of your day. Smile big, laugh more, and enjoy life to the fullest!



What I Heard In My Mind & Heart

Sep 29, 2022

What I Heard In My Mind & Heart

Sep 29, 2022

Always Improve

Sep 21, 2022

Happy Fall Everyone

Sep 13, 2022

 Bellingham Training & Tennis Club | 800 McKenzie Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225 | 360-733-5050 | [email protected]