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It's all about you.  Enjoy great music.  Do more than you thought you could.  Savor your Accomplishment.

Group Ride Schedule Healthy Knees

Want to take a class?  Come on in! 

New to indoor cycling?  No worries, we’ll start you out with a bike fit so you know exactly how to set up your bike to protect your knees, feel comfortable, and understand exactly what to do. We’ll write down your personal dimensions so you can set the bike the way you like, every time you come to class.

Worried about the seat?  Have no fear.  We offer gel seat covers if you need a softer ride. Just ask the instructor before class!

Want to track your Heart Rate?  Check out the MYZONE system we love and use in our classes.  Scroll down this page for more information.


Leave all your worries behind and get energized with a RIDE class that inspires you!

Motivating music.
High energy.
Skilled instructors.
Feel accomplished every RIDE.

Reserve your bike up to 3 weeks ahead for our RIDE classes.  Choose "RIDE 45" (45 minute class) or "RIDE 60" (60 minute class.
Classes are included with our Training Level memberships or with single or package group training passes - open to all.

Our studio is equipped with clean, well maintained Keiser M3i indoor cycles that...

  • show Heart Rate (We use MYZONE)

  • shift smoothly with gears 1-24 so there is no guessing 

  • show WATTS so you can see your power and how you get stronger

  • come with dual pedal toe cage (any shoe) /SPD clipless pedals (wear your  favorite bike shoes to clip in.)  

Cycling gives you confidence, power, and achievement. 

Check out in RIDE Studio Air Circulation


Got Knee Pain? We've got a solution for you with this 8-week progressive program

The combination of strength training + cycling is the perfect way to rehabilitate injuries, build strength, increase stability, and reduce your knee (hip and ankle) aches and pains.

Healthy Knees Strength & Cycle Clinic is an 8-week progressive program that has been tested and proven to help alleviate knee pain and help you gain strength and confidence in your knees.

Strength Training - our planned progression starts at the beginning and then advances with Movement Foundations, Balance Training, Muscle Development, and Stretch & Release Techniques so that you get all of the essential elements to improve your knee strength. 

Cycling - Motion is Lotion!  Cycling is one of the very best things you can do to improve and maintain knee heath.  When done the right way (we show you how) cycling can help sooth your knees, reduce pain, and increase strength. Before you know it, you'll be pedaling easier and stronger than you ever thought you could...and feel so great!

Healthy Knees Clinic Details SIGN UP for IN-PERSON: Call us 360-733-5050 or send an EMAIL

MYZONE Heart Rate Training

We use the MYZONE heart rate tracking system and LOVE it!  During class, your TILE will show on our big screens.  At home or outdoors, you can wear your heart rate belt and keep track of your workouts.  Your info automatically downloads when you are in the Club.  Outside you can use the free App to download your data so you never miss a point.

Our Facility Code is BTCUS001



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